The Process

Let the professionals handle your yacht registration

We are an exclusive international yacht registration offering a “flag of convenience” which is a term used for registration in a foreign jurisdiction that offers tax breaks and more operational freedom.

Anyone can register a yacht in Malaysia.

You don’t have to be a resident, and due to duty free status, there’s no import duty to pay. By following the guidelines outlined below, we can present an application for you!

Yacht owners who are seeking to operate under the advantages of an open registry – this is best offer for you!

Without restriction on ownership and open to any individual, or corporations. LIYR allows various types registration, full registration, bare-boat chartered yacht and yacht under construction.

The Procedure

Mostly LIYR does not require a survey of the vessel to be registered, also you are not required to keep the vessel in Langkawi waters nor visit Langkawi in order to maintain the validity of its registration. Boat owners are free to keep their boats wherever they prefer to keep them.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS (scanned and sent by email in color PDF format):

✔ One color photocopy of the front page of owner’s passport.

✔ One copy of a photograph of the boat (a print out of a digital shot is okay).

✔ If not previously registered, a copy of the builder’s certificate and boat plan (For new boat)

✔ If previously registered, a copy of the current Registration Certificate.

✔ If previously registered, a copy of the Deletion Certificate showing the Registration is cancelled

✔ Tonnage certificate (if available)

✔ One copy of the Bill Of Sale, or paid invoice.

The following details are also required:

Name of yacht: (Must be filled)
First Preference: Second Preference: Third Preference:

How many years of annual tonnage dues you wish to pay (Up to five years):

1. Length (meters):
2. Breadth (meters):
3. Depth (meters):
4. Gross Tonnage:
5. Net Tonnage:
6. Registered Tonnage:
7. Description of Main Engines:
8. Engine Model:
9. Engine Serial Number:
10. Number of Set of Engines:
11. Number of Shaft:
12. BHP of Main Engine (kW) 1 hp = 0.7457 kW:
13. Estimated Speed of Yacht (knots):
14. Number of Crew for Whom Accommodation is Provided:

15. Number of Passengers for Whom Accommodation is Provided:
16. Location of Yacht:
17. Owner Name:
18. Passport Number:
19. Nationality:
20. Address appear on certificate:
21. Phone:
22. Email:
23. Postal address:
24. Name of Builders:
25. Address of Builders:
26. Country of Build:
27. Year of Build (Keel Laid Year):
28. Hull Material:

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